EndoShape experience with Colorado Base was very beneficial. We received great responses from qualified candidates. We cannot think of anything your organization needs to improve on.

D.D. – Boulder

I just wanted to say thank you for helping me find my new job at CSU! I started just over a month ago and love it here. I applied thanks to your email. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

A.H. – Fort Collins

I had a great experience using Colorado Base for my job search. I started using Colorado Base in January 2012 and by March I had a great new position. In addition, I was able to apply for several other positions where I was a final candidate so had a choice of positions. The number of opportunities shown on Colorado Base is great and as a job hunter you can get an early jump on the position.

M.P. – Fort Collins

I just want to thank those responsible for this job list. I landed a gr8 job because it was listed HERE. Thank you! Big time!

N.M. – Fort Collins

Just to let you know. I also got a job that I found on Colorado Base . I have referred several people to your list, and highly recommend this service to anyone in NOCO who is job hunting. Thank you very much.

C.H. – Boulder

I just want to say thank you for your great site! After several months of searching aimlessly, I came upon your site via Boulder-Denver NewTech Meetup. In just a week I landed a new job here in Boulder. Keep up the great work! I will definitely pass your site address on. Best job site PERIOD!

M.B. – Boulder

You are a good partner and I wish you continued success with Colorado Base!

N.F. – Denver

I just joined Colorado Base and look forward to using it as a great tool in finding my next fulfilling career (not just a job). Thank you for all the wonderful information!

L.H. – Denver

Thank you so much!! I am impressed with your site. I already got a resume on the job I posted and he looks like a viable candidate.

A.L. – Castle Pines

Please accept this belated thanks for your service. You have helped us find several strong candidates.  I look forward to working with you in the future.

B.V. – Fort Collins

This weekend my boyfriend was telling me about this really great jobsite. He said they have more jobs than the other sites and contacts at all of the companies. He is a Project Manager IT. He had mentioned your name to me the other day. I thought I had not heard of this jobsite. Yesterday, again he was complimenting your website and showing me the jobs. I started thinking this must be Kris’s site. My boyfriend said no way, this site is too good. So, just now I verified you are the owner of this excellent jobsite. Congratulations on all your hard work creating and growing an exceptional website.

K.C. – Englewood

I’m in awe of what you’ve done with Colorado Base. Whenever a friend is ready to move, I send them there first.

M.T. – Denver

I think Colorado Base is an excellent site!

H.N. – Boulder

Your website is awesome. I have been reviewing for a week or so now. What a wonderful gift you have given to the community. I hope that it provides for you well, too.

A.A. – Longmont

Thanks for posting coloradobase.com. Excellent resource for job seekers. Wasn’t aware of this resource till now.

G.L. – Denver

Your website and job database is amazing 🙂

L.R. – Littleton

I just wanted to thank you for starting this group. What a great way to network with professionals in Colorado.

C.S. – Colorado Springs

Thank you for this list, Kris. This is an extremely powerful tool and I love it.

F.F. – Denver

What you’re doing is fantastic, and I know it is making a huge difference in this area!

C.S. – Fort Collins

I wanted to tell you how great your job list is!! It is so complete and I have been able to find a few options in Ft. Collins…more in Longmont and Broomfield. Thanks for putting so much work in the list…it really is an awesome service.

M.P. – Fort Collins

I’ve been looking for a job for a while now, and have come across your site. I live in Boulder, and it makes searching so much easier for me. I don’t know how you do it, but thank you.

C.P. – Boulder

Thanks for the quick reply. I did already receive a resume that looks spot on. I will definitely consider Colorado Base moving forward as a sourcing pipeline. Your price point is certainly competitive…..

Overall, I like the simple/streamlined approach to making jobs easier to find – a nice concept!

T.F. – Superior

An uber-useful website for area job seekers.

K.P. – Fort Collins

You are offering a great service to the community, and I look forward to watching the continued success of Colorado Base.

M.Z. – Fort Collins

Your listing has been incredibly helpful to me, and I’d like to see if there’s anything I can give back.

C.W. – Longmont

I among many others appreciate greatly your work with Colorado Base . Your list has helped me to recognize what fields are hiring and I will always look at your site as reputable companies hiring…unlike Monster and Career Builder. Nice work Kris….overall I think your site is great. It was a great idea to come up with.

E.M. – Loveland

I like this list, as it is different from others, and obviously in the geographical area I was interested in working.

T.S. – Boulder

Overall I like your job list for Northern Colorado. I really like the targeted area because it is geographically what I’m interested in.

C.B. – Denver

Quite valuable as I am in Denver and can now see available jobs in NoCo!

A.L. – Denver

I think your efforts are to be applauded. It is a good supplement to all other sources I use. There are many times you may have a position posted that isn’t relevant for me but I will still look at the company as a potential source.

G.S. – Fort Collins

It’s a fantastic resource, thank you!!!

J.K. – Los Angeles

Wow, what a gold mine! This is a great resource. Thanks so much!

A.F. – Los Angeles

Thanks for what you are doing with the Colorado Base stuff. It’s a great help. We are trying to make our way back to the region from Atlanta, and this helps.

J.S. – Atlanta

I have been looking to relocate to Colorado for about a year. No luck yet, but Colorado Base has been a great help.

B.G. – Chicago

Awesome! That’s exactly the sort of site I was looking for! Thanks so much 🙂


I used Colorado Base over the weekend to apply to about 6 jobs. It really has made searching specifically in Colorado a lot better without the recruiter hassle on other sites.


I’ve subscribed to your websites twice and think you provide very high value. Your service provides leads, but is exceptionally valuable if you are willing to dig into and work the data. You have provided me a valuable usable product at a very reasonable price.


I’m going to share a great Colorado job search site with you. I think it’s relatively recent and you may or may not be aware of it. You can search for jobs and post a resume, which is how I got my last job. What’s different about this site is there’s all kinds of demographics and statistics about the Colorado job market, some of which may surprise you, and surveys that provide insight to employers and job seekers perspectives. You have to register to read job descriptions but it’s a free site. I registered today and am also following the site on twitter as a quick preview of recent tweets seemed to imply that people tweet job openings when they hear about them. Hey, anything to get an advantage. Do not underestimate the power of twitter to deliver to you customized streams of the stories that are most relevant to you.


Yours is my favorite jobs database.  I like the design approach, the regional focus, and usability.  The weekly mailing you continue to do is particularly valuable.


Colorado Base is a great resource and I found it very valuable over the last several months. Indeed, I recommended it to several colleagues.


Thank you! That’s really helpful, I wasn’t aware of most of those sites. I’ll definitely check them out!!


I think Colorado Base is fabulous!  I have accepted a great job and couldn’t be happier with your service and the breadth of employees and jobs you gave me access to.  Thank You!


Just a note to thank you for the great service you provide with Colorado Base . Love the Google-like simplicity.


I want to thank you guys for helping me find a job in my field that I love!!! Thank you!


Thank you for providing such a great service! Great emails!


Thanks. You have an awesome service!


Just wanted to say thank you for producing something new for us job seekers. Your job list puts me at ease when applying. I don’t feel like my identity is being stolen (unlike some other, shall not be mentioned sites) when I send my resume to someone on your list. Thank you for the peace of mind and for creating something useful and positive.


Thanks for providing Colorado Base . It is a refreshing change from the other employment/job banks out there.


Thanks, and thanks for a wonderful service.


I am moving to Canada! But did appreciate all the great job listings you provided while I was seeking a new job here in Colorado!


Thank you for providing this service. I found it very helpful during my current search and will make sure to tell others about it.