Resume Posting FAQ

Post Your Resume

1. Login to your Dashboard

2. Select the Resume tab

3. Click the Add Resume button

4. Fully complete the resume form

  • Title – Use the job title you want
  • Summary – Be concise
  • Category – Select your discipline
  • Photo – Upload a .jpg, .gif or .png with a quality headshot
  • Salary – Your desired salary range
  • Type – Full-time, part-time, freelance, etc.
  • Contact – Your email address at a minimum
  • Location – Be sure to click the Find Address/Location button
  • Education/Experience/Skills – Copy your resume to Notepad. Copy and paste from Notepad to the form. Use the formatting tools to enhance appearance

5. Click Save

6. Click to Publish – This makes the resume visible

7. Add Website if you have one

8. Edit or delete resumes and upload a PDF from the Resume tab

Edit Profile

1. Select Edit Profile under Account Options

2. Complete your personal, web and social media details

3. Click Update Profile


1. Select Edit Profile under Account Options

2. Click the Preferences tab from your Dashboard

3. Complete the form

4. Click Save