Job Posting FAQ

Colorado Base is the largest locally-owned employment site for professionals in Colorado. We offer a channel to 30,000+ highly-experienced area professionals via email, social media and the web.

What does it cost?

  • Just $25 per job

What is included?

  • Complete job description
  • Google mapping
  • 30 day duration
  • Employer logo
  • Highlighted with contrasting background
  • Featured on home page
  • Featured on top of category page
  • Highlighted in search returns

Who uses Colorado Base?

30,000+ Colorado professionals visited Colorado Base in 2015. We have been used by 300+ great Colorado employers and a solid demographic of job seeking professionals.

How do I submit a job?

Just click on Submit a Job to get the ball rolling. Here are Step by Step Instructions for listing a job.

How are payments handled?

We clear payments through Paypal – the largest and safest payment processor on the Internet. We accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express.

Need more information?

Contact us at 970-227-8757 or via email at